成语故事《Mr. Fool》

成语故事《Mr. Fool》

Mr. Fool 

There were two mountains between Jizhou in the south and Heyang in the north. Both of them were very high. An old man, called Mr. Fool, lived in the north of the mountain with his family. He was nearly ninety years old. Because of these two high mountains, the whole family had to walk a long way from one side to the other side of the mountains.

One day, Mr. Fool called all his family together to talk about moving the two mountains to other place. All of them agreed. So it was decided. His children started to dig the mountains with him. 

The next day, a man called Smart came and said: “ Why did you do that? These two mountains are so high and you are so old and weak! How can you move the mountains?” Mr. Fool laughed and said: “It’s not difficult at all! Look! Those two mountains are still there, but I have my children, and my children will have their children, generations after generations, there’s no end. I believe someday the mountains will be moved.”


between ... and ... 在......之间

nearly (副词)几乎,差不多

because of (介词短语)由于 

from one side to the other side 从一边到另一边

not at all 一点也不,根本不

generations after generations 世世代代

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